Upcycling is actually much more common than it may appear at the first sight. Many of us have been doing it for years, just without having a name for it. Here are some examples of upcycling. Perhaps you have never thought of them as upcycling, but they are:

  • instead of buying candle holders, you used your old wine bottles

  • instead of buying a special cleaning brush, you used an old toothbrush to clean a bike chain or grout in a bathroom

  • instead of buying a plastic container, you used an old shoe box to store sewing or craft supplies

  • instead of buying gift wrap, you used old newspaper, cartons or old fabric to wrap presents

Yes, it is everywhere around us! And we all can make it become even more present, make it to a hobby or a habit, by activating our brains to reuse a resource or a material, not directly for its first purpose but for something new: we all are potential upcyclers.


the processes in upcycling:

* conscious perception

what is it you tell me? what can i do with you? what are all the informations you send?

* characteristics of the material

what materials is it made of? what are their characteristics? how can i process/combine/mix this material?

* thinking outside of the box

taking objects, concepts, places out of the category we know them belonging to, and looking at them, as if you didn’t know what they are, what they mean, looking for discovering their fuller potential, not only their pragmatic or default function, what noise, smell, movement, taste, temperature can things have or produce

* change of perspectives

me as a dog, me as bread, me as an old lady, me as a poor homeless person, me as an immigrant, me as a factory worker

* discovering the resources within you

how can i connect informations anew, what new meanings do these connections bring, it is like discovering the wheel once again. not a useless process, because the wheel has been already discovered, but a fascinating one, because you can. you can experience the magical moment of understanding how things were born, how they work, why they do.

it needs the courage to… (principles):

play, have fun, try things out, not for the result, but for the try.

go back to the child in you.

leave being product oriented.

make it for the process.

let it go, letting it flow – trust the process, give yourself to the process, float on the wave, experience all stages of a creative process, also the doubt and frustration, and then not get off the ship, but see what comes next.

be here and now. expanding the moment in which you are, where you are. just being. in contact. in communication. with yourself, with the others. to examine the sea of possibilities it gives you, it show you, you can see. being only and just there.


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  1. 1 Claudia Freitas - Portugal

    Hey everybody!

    Nice pictures from Derry! Good work! I loved that drum! 🙂
    Meet you in ökolea!

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