this is a recipe box for upcycling, or shorter – the box.

it is a result of five years’ work with upcycling on intercultural level,
in the field of youth work.
the box is aiming at making upcycling more accessible,
popular, simple, and fun. it is aiming at making upcycling more normal and everydaiysh.

the box works like a good old recipe box, from which you can take a single card and focus just on it, or you can read the whole
section (like read through all the deserts) or the whole thing to get the overview and later come back to single parts.
inside the box you will find sections on:
– methodology and background,
– ideas easy to incorporate into everyday life,
– topics you can tackle doing upcycling,
– upcycling projects you can do at home
– resources – how the ideas & ways behind upcycling are implemented elsewhere.
all the upcycling ideas you can make using materials and tools you will find at home or around.
you can do it by yourself, with your friends or family, your youth-group, school-class or any other group.
creating this box, we wanted to make something interesting for both people who never heard
of upcycling before and for those ones who work/play with it already.

making a publication on upcycling we wanted to combine elements of sustainability, accessibility, easy updates and invitation for
everybody to co-create. this is why we went for an online file, which you can download. you can read it on the screen of your computer or
you can print it as you wish, from black & white to full colour on colour thick paper. you can also print all cards or choose just the ones you are interested in.
you can send us comments and ideas, which we can easily include and make updated versions of the box. like this we save the shipping costs and energy it takes
to transport things
and we allow everybody to choose their preferred way of having the box they want.

the box you can find here is a so called basic one. we will be creating and uploading advanced boxes soon.
the ones tackling community development and creativity are the next ones in the pipeline.
if you yourself have an idea for a card (either with theoretical or with practical ideas) you would like to add to the box, just send the description to us (,
we will put it on a card and upload it here.

once you are done with the box and do not use it any more, see the “upcycle this box” for further ideas on upcycling the box itself.

we would be very happy if this box turns out to be an inspiration for discussion and action.

and above of all we wish you lots of fun with it!

fromtrashtotreasure upcyclers.

p.s.let us know what you think of it, so we can make it even better.


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