– basic box

1.) box for viewing – dowload pdf file

2.) box for print- download pdf file

INSTRUCTION step by step

The box is composed of a real paper box where you can save the content – your cards.

CARDS , the content:

1. The basic box is made from a certain amount of cards, which content varies in the context section.
Choose the cards to print – there are displayed 3 by 3 on a A4 page format.
Cards are deisgned to be printed double-side. The first page will be the 3 front side cards and the second page will correspond to the 3 cards back side. On the front side, there are some information and on the back side, there is a place for you to make notes, or there is a postcard to send to people, you wish to inspire by upcycling.
2. Always print the page you want and the following one (use an option of double side printing: you will get the front side of the cards you chose AND the back side then.
3. You can now cut page into 3 cards, they are ready

*     use recycle paper or paper from sustainable managed forests
*      print cards also black and white

BOX, the package:

We propose you the choice between different boxes (coming shortly). Because you can use them differently, we want to adapt to each one’s necessities. And we also get to your creativity to give ideas for new ones.
You can consult the pictures and get the explanation on how to build the box you like. To get quicker to the point, you can also download the basic box

1.  see instruction for creating a box (coming shortly)


*  individual use, ideas for friends gathering, workshops for children, youngster or adult public, and the list is not exhaustive!
*  send some cards as postcards
*  give the box as a present
* personalize your cards with the place for notes
* a base to spread out upcycling idea

step by step

1. download a template (coming shortly)
2. add your text
3. print and use it
4. email you card to us (email address)
5. we will publish it, to be shared it with others, on the web page

Especial contribution needed: how would you include upcycling at your work?


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