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details you will find under let us know if you participate! Advertisements

a 12 year old at a un conference. impressive.

how to make plastic bags dissapeare? a 16-year-old found out how to make the process be a not 1000 years’ one but a three months’ one! – CanadaWorld – WCI student isolates microbe that lunches on plastic bags

piano stairs


(back home, watching youtube with flatmates for friendly projects) climbing the stairs can be so much fun!!! more you can find under: the fun theory web page. there you will also find a competition for finding fun ways to change behaviour. do you think upcycling could go? if you do – just go!

hey guys and girls. after some storms and high waves, the dates for the publication writing are fixed. the new version, which we’re sticking to is october 6 – 14. i booked the venue ( you choose two pax per country and get your tickets to berlin đŸ™‚ good night hugs. karolina. ****************************************************************** dear ex-, […]

here you can find the “let’s open options! yeaha!” open space book of proceedings. the open space took place at the last day of upcycle all you can project in derry.

here you can find pictures from our youth in action “upcycle all you can”  training, which took place in derry, northern ireland on 25.o4-01.o5.o9.